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We offer a complete service for video and webcam projects. Whether it’s a full movie or just a clip or a WebCam activity, we have the right service for every eventuality. With us SERVICE comes first and we look after you! From the very first contact, to recording, to the finished product, we actively support you and help you avoid typical beginner mistakes, because they cost you a lot of time and money.

Amateur Management

From the first contact we take full care of you! From the creation of a profile on the well-known portals, to image consultation up to content maintenance; we stand reliably by your side. A perfect start is the most important thing in order to be successful! As a real amateur you have to be able to concentrate on the essentials – on YOU! Therefore it is very important to have a reliable and experienced partner like AMATEURSTAR-CASTING at your side. We make sure that you quickly become known and famous, because we are not mediocre! A beautiful face and a firm body alone are no longer enough today – only with an experienced management team can you make the leap into the TOP10, because you want to go there, don’t you!?!

Competent Advice Training

Through our many years of experience, we know exactly what is important! We share this knowledge with you, because only together can we achieve success – and success is MONEY!!! Benefit from our know-how! Filming, WebCam, Videos – we train you in all areas. Not every video will bring good sales and only with an all-inclusive package that is perfectly matched to you success is guaranteed. We advise you accordingly and create together a 100% consistent and authentic profile that suits you and your type! No matter if you are a brave girlie or sexy vamp, EVERYTHING has to fit together, because that’s the only way you can really get started. Through our special WebCam training and video training, you will achieve incredible success, because you will get immediate feedback and you will be able to see and improve yourself.

Kompetente Beratung&Schulung

Durch unsere langjährige Erfahrung wissen wir genau, worauf es ankommt! Dieses Wissen teilen wir mit Dir, denn nur gemeinsam haben wir auch den verdienten Erfolg – und Erfolg ist GELD!!! Profitiere von unserem Know-How! Drehs, WebCam, Videos – wir schulen Dich in allen Bereichen. Nicht jedes Video bringt gute Umsätze und nur mit einem perfekt auf Dich abgestimmten Rundum-Paket kommt auch der Erfolg. Wir beraten Dich dahingehend und erstellen mit Dir gemeinsam ein 100% stimmiges und authentisches Profil, das zu Dir und Deinem Typ passt! Egal ob braves Girlie oder sexy Vamp, ALLES muss zusammen passen, denn nur so kannst Du ordentlich durchstarten. Durch unsere spezielle WebCam-Schulung mit Video-Training erzielst Du wahnsinnig schnell Erfolge, da Du ein unmittelbares Feedback bekommst und Dich selber sehen und verbessern kannst.

Comprehensive video service

From the first shoot to the video cutting, to the mastering and DVD production, we accompany you and bring you safely to your goal! Professional equipment is very expensive today, but only through top quality you can play in the top league and with us at your side Equipment and quality is 100% guaranteed. First class equipment and highest professionalism are all inclusive. Use our complete service for YOUR success! Detailed recordings in HD quality are a MUST these days and ensure you long-term satisfied customers who will also come back and buy your videos.

Professional Team

High-quality videos require professional equipment and an experienced team. Discretion and sensitivity are our top priority! Only when YOU feel safe and comfortable will a great movie be created! No matter if it is a small clip or a complete movie, you should not leave anything to chance, because only the best are good enough for YOU! Or would you like the 2nd best cameraman and the 2nd best equipment??? There is always a great atmosphere in our productions; we are a perfect team of professionals who have turned their passion into a profession and who are still having fun and are happy to work. You immediately become part of the team and are fully integrated, so you can feel comfortable from the very beginning!

Event Planning

We help you with the planning and execution of your own events in the erotic area. Whether time, personnel, or budget planning, WE are always a competent partner! Lining up, planning and coordination of porn, swingers or video events are our strength. It does not matter if you have 10 or 10.000 guests; we are there for you in all aspects of the event planning as a competent partner. Often, it is easier than you think and it only takes a good partner who will pull the strings in the background and always keep an eye on all areas! Trust in our experience and competence.

Search and arrangement of actresses

The search and selection of suitable partners requires a lot of time and effort. Through our extensive contact list we will find the perfect partner for you! A good video clip depends on the actors and a competent director, who also knows how to bring together the right people and how to stage them. Through our many years of cooperation with various actors we have the necessary experience and connections to find the right teammates at short notice. Our good contacts and a perfectly functioning network opens up new doors and opportunities for you to rise up to the top.

Location Scouting

Finding a suitable shooting location can be very annoying and time consuming. Spare yourself this ordeal and let us advise you because we know the best places and locations for shooting! Time is money! Again, a well-structured and functioning network is again the alpha and the omega. The erotic industry has special demands regarding suitable places to shoot, because the ambience must always be just right and preferably far from indiscrete eyes. This already limits the possible places and locations. We know whether and where to shoot, so that possible annoyance can be ruled out in advance. Stay on the safe side and trust us, because we know where to go 😉

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