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Here we have tried to answer the most important questions you may have in advance!

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How much can I earn from you?

How much depends on your performance! No pain no game, but the TOP girls gain easily over 10.000-15.000€

Is it difficult?

By itself NO. It is difficult to place the profile far ahead and it is even more difficult to keep it there; but you have us by your side and together we can do it!

What must I be able to do there?

It does not hurt, of course, if you already have fun in sex and posing in front of the camera. We will also help you and train you. With a few key tips from experts and some video training, you’re on the right path!

Do I have to have sex with ugly men?

Certainly NOT. YOU and only YOU will decide what and with whom you do it! You are an amateur girl and not a prostitute!

What do you need from me in the beginning?

Let’s take it step-by-step! Confucius said: “Even a long journey begins with a short step!”. And your first step is to contact us. Just write to us, tell us something about yourself or just call and we will arrange the rest. In addition, a few nice pictures, if you have any, and then we can start!

Am I pretty enough for such a job?

The beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and only if you dare something and try it, you will find out! Your appearance is as important as your charisma! What good is a nice packaging if the content does not fit? Misleading looks are everywhere, but only quality prevails! And that’s up to YOU!!!

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